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The unique Sugar Flower Studio double sided silicone petal, leaf and bud veiners

Each silicone set has been expertly crafted to give you excellent
botanically correct results, they are made from the corresponding natural veins &
imprints of real leaves, petals and closed buds.

Full color tuition worksheets  £5 Each

6 pages of in depth instructions to achieve beautiful results. The
tuition worksheets once purchased will be sent as a PDF file by email.

Sweet pea, Avalanche Rose, Cymbidium Orchid, Iceland Poppy, Water lily, Casa Blanca Lily, Bird of Paradise, Honey suckle, Parrot tulip, Ladies slipper orchid (Red), Ladies slipper orchid (Green)



Butterfly cutters £6.50 for  a 2 piece
set of each Butterfly

Morpho Menelaus (Blue), Peacock (Red) Monarch (Orange)
Zebra Swallowtail (Black &

Full 3 page color butterfly instructions booklet £3


Handy Perspex square  £3

Place on top of petal, leaf or Butterfly cutters to get a perfect cut, no more sore hands
pressing onto a sharp cutter edge.

Place underneath your Non stick flower board, turn the board around with ease like a turn table
when cutting petals and leaves out with a craft knife.

Keeps sugar petals and leaves fresh if left unattended.

Great for using as a paint pallet

Excellent to press down onto wired or un-wired sugar calyx’s or Ruscus leaves you can
see where to put pressure and when to stop.


Cymbidium Orchid, full 14 piece
flower veiner  set £50.99

The full set comprises of 5 petals, column and throat.




 Lilac Wonder Tulip petal veiner £10.99

Petal size : 3.5 cm (W)  x 7 cm (L)



New Tulip Leaf veiner £45.99

Leaf size: 20 cm (L) x 8 cm (W)



 Memory Lane Rose petal veiners £23.99

Petal size

7 cm (L) x 8 cm (W)

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